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All About The Importance Of Feeding Pet Rats

Posted on Fri 28 April 2017 in misc

Feeding the pet rats is an important process and hence rat owners need to know some vital facts about rat diets. One has to remember to give fresh foods to these pet rats and some experts have prescribed few exclusive rat diets as well as some food supplements. According to any imbalance diet will make the rats become sick. The website states that a balanced rat diet is a perfect combination of quality rat blocks and fresh treat supplements. It is better to get these rat diets from the pet stores and experts recommend rat block with soy instead of cornmeal. According to them, grain mixes can pose an issue as most of the rats eat the favourite items and leave the rest. Fruits can be added along with few vegetables. However, rat blocks form a bulk diet for the domestic pet rats.

Human Beings & Rats History reveals many things about the relationship between human beings and rats. Undoubtedly, the relationship is beyond further than the rat cages. Ancient Egyptians have worshipped rats and the Japanese treated rats as a symbol of wealth. Rats are also considered to be a vehicle for the Lord Ganesh, a Hindu God. The rodent name is well used with the advent of the computers which is operated by the ‘Mouse’. According to history, rats have been kept as domestic pets in England since the nineteenth century and the first rat club was started in the last century.

Adequate Storage Of Rat Foods While shopping for the food for your pet rats, look for the one specially made for the rats. Pellets or blocks are considered to be the best one for your pet rats. This exclusive food can be balanced with different mixes. Consider the right ingredients while choosing these mixes. Otherwise, your pets will consume their favourite ones and leave the rest and hence one can avoid such wastes. As per experts, the popular Oxbow Regal Rat Food seems to be the ideal one for the pet rats. Avoid picking the other rodent diets like a hamster, gerbil as these items do not contain nutritional diets as needed by the rats. Also, these items are not easily digestible to your pet rats.

Offer Fresh Food Domestic pet rats often get benefited by consuming various types of vegetables, fruits and other fresh stuff. Make it a point to offer these foods in small quantities in order to avoid diarrhoea for your pets. As per experts the following list of sample foods are recommended for your pet rats:

· Veggies: Potatoes, Carrot, squash and parsley · Fruits: Banana, Apple, Plums and Melons · Yoghurt with live cultures · Brown Rice · Dog biscuits

Food To Avoid (only a few samples are indicated) · Raw beans · Chocolate · Sweet and green potatoes · Hot beverages like coffee

While you are shopping around for the right rat foods, ensure to pick the right one that makes your rats attentive and alert all the time. A nose-running rodent shows the symptom of unhealthiness. Recommended foods keep the rats healthy which is clearly visible in their bright and shiny eyes.