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Pet Rat: Tip To Look After Them

Posted on Wed 26 April 2017 in misc • Tagged with Pet Rat

Want to welcome a pet rat in your family? Those little animals that fill your world with joy need a little more than an extra care to make sure they fit in your house in a perfect way. Getting a large rat cage is one way of showing affection to your pet rat. According to a little care and consciousness will go a long way in taking care of your pets.

Different decisions about picking the kind and numbers, housing, litter/bedding, food, accessories and health must be attended to prior welcoming a pet rat into your home. More details on the broad concerns are discussed in the following paragraphs:

Rats are social animals. Getting two of them makes them friends and keeps them cheerful. A male rat is cognitively more sober, whereas a female is active and alert all the time. No doubt, an adult rescue is more predictable, you can learn more about the younger ones by adopting them from a private breeder who is well established.

Each rat requires some floor space that is at least two square feet. So, make sure that the wire cage is made up of coated wire and has plastic pans which are odor-free durable as well. A bar spacing of one-inch square or quarter inch horizontal spacing is best and allows them to climb. You should also make sure that the cage is kept away from sunlight.

One has to be cautious when using aromatic items to keep odors away. Any kind of aromatic oils is a strict no-no. Rats chew almost anything and everything. So, pellets made out of paper control odor well, even though they have a peculiar smell. No matter, whatever you use, just make sure that they are non-toxic.

A rat’s diet is similar to that of a human being. That means cat food or guinea pig food will not work out. A healthy balanced human food can be apt for them which can be cereals, dried fruits, cooked noodles, yoghurt etc. But junk food should be fed in small quantities. And yes! They also prefer to chew on bones.

Rats prefer to sleep in a box that is secure. Though a bedding of scrap cloth and rags is a good idea, thought it might end up getting chewed on. Hence, plastic houses seen in pet shops can be a good idea. Since rats ...

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